The night progressed and finally the clock struck midnight. As usual, the guests stopeed dancind and listened to the twelve chimes ringing out. Just as the clock finished soujnding out the twelfth crime, the guests noticed a masked figure no one had seen before. The figure slowly made his way through the crowd which looked … Continue reading 12/20


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Hi everyone, ı M Going to write my new book from Edgar Allan Poe. This book has a lot of story From Edgar Allan Poe. His One of my favourite author, I read his many story also I m big fan of him. Because his really great story teller and writer, author. Here is some … Continue reading 12 / 19

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The Actual construction of the first guillotine was entrusted to a german harpsichord maker named gobies schmidt and the improvement on the blade itself which made it slanted and not straight was the idea ıf a famous mechanical tinker of the time and one of the machines most illlisturios victims louis 16 himself. after testing … Continue reading 04 / 01

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Certainly one of the great ironies of history is that the use the guillotine for executions was first proposed for humanitarian reasons. During the eightheenth century those who were about to be executed were often tortured in the most horrible ways imaginable and even after their death their bodies, often tortured in the most horrible … Continue reading 03 / 30